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Technical / Management Consultancy


This division mainly provides Technical and Management consultancy to Software companies. This division has several senior consultants who each have many decades of experience in the IT industry.

Main areas of consultancy are:

  • Proposal preparation 

  • SRS 

  • Architecting and Design 

  • Domain consultancy 

  • Technology consultancy 

  • Project Management 

  • Customer management 

  • Onsite offshore project management 

  • Software Products Review 

  • Turnkey offshore facility setup including: locating office space, company registration, STPI registration, recruitment of CEO and staff at all levels, Finance /accounts consultancy and HR consultancy. 

  • I.S. Audits for Brick and Mortar Industries. 

  • Turnkey IS consultancy for B & M industries. 

  • IT Strategies for Banks, Financial Institutions and B & M industries 

Delivery Models 
Tech Consultancy is delivered either on an assignment basis wherein 3CITís consultants get involved at the start of the project, handle the project management, assist in staffing of the project, mentor the project Manager and transition the project responsibilities to the Project Manager. In this model, the charges would be on a monthly retainer basis. 

The second model would be short term engagement for assignments like design reviews, Function Point Estimations, wherein 3CIT would quote a fixed assignment fee based on effort estimates. 

Partial list of clients of Technical / Management Consultancy

  • Torry Harris Business Solutions 

  • Intertec Communications Ltd. 

  • Technisoft India 

  • SPAN Systems Corporation


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